The 3 Simple Step Nigerian High School Graduates Are Now Using To Gain Fast and Easy Admission to Popular State Polytechnics in Nigeria


If you MUST gain admission this year,
it's important you take your time to read this!

From the desk of: 
COLLEGEWAY Admission Center,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear High School Graduate,

If your dream has always been to gain Admission as fast as possible.

Either you have gone through the JAMB exams several times without success, or maybe you've even passed Jamb and you just find it difficult to gain admission into the Higher Institution of your choice, Or Maybe you've not even gone through JAMB exam before,

We will advise that you seat back, hold your phone well as you take your time to read through this page.

This is because in a short moments from now,

We will be revealing a secret that can force you out of your parent's home, help you to gain admission into one of the best polytechnic in Nigeria and turn you to a bonified student within 2 weeks.

Lack of this information is what have been keeping some people at home for over 5years after SSCE.

Who Are We and Why Are We Bold to Tell You This?

Collegeway Admission Center is a trusted and one of the well known application and admission processing center in Lagos Nigeria which help undergraduate and post graduate students to seek admission in the most easy and convinient ways.

In the past 10 years, we have helped over 2,150 qualified high school graduates to secure admission into institutions of their choice both within Nigeria and outside the sore of the country.

Most of the students who have gained admission through our processing center in the past are now successful students in many higher institutions across the country while some of them are already happy graduates.

Here are what some of them have to say...

I believe Collegeway is Like a gift to many College Graduates in Nigeria.

One place where God is helping many college graduates to become an undergraduates in Tertary Institutions.

Collegeway was introduced to me some years ago by a friend who was a student in Lagos.

Before I knew about them, 

I was just wasting at home.

Since I had tried everything I could to gain admission without success.

But immediately I got to Collegeway Office, everything changed.

I was given a good advice on why things are not working regarding my admission and what to do about it.

I was also helped to process my admission from A-Z  and within a short time, I became an Engineeting student of a notable Nigerian Polytechnic.

It was like a dream.

Thanks so much for making many of our dreams come true.

Abigail Olaosabikan

Before I came across Collegeway, I was literarily down because I have tried all I could to gain admission in Nigeria even with my good O'level result.

 I have written JAMB severally, done series of Post UTME all to no avail.

Not knowing I was actually doing it the wrong way. Comming across Collegeway Helped me greatly.

They gave me advise and recommendation and helped me process my admission from A-Z.

Currently, I'm almost a graduate...All thanks to Collegeway.

Uche Anaobi

For 5 years of my life,

I was at home Failling Jamb and waiting for admission.

I never knew there was an easy way to go without JAMB Until I came across COLLEGEWAY where I was actually shown the way.

I was able to gain admission faster than I could immagine and became a student.

I am forever greatful for your help towards me and many Nigerian High school graduates.

Folarin Alabi


You See...

JAMB exam is one of the most difficult exam in Nigeria.

Every year, over 1.8million students register for JAMB Exam.

Most of them struggle to read day and Night, they attend tutorial classes in order to get the best score in the JAMB examination which only take some hours to write.

After passing the JAMB examination and coming out with good grade, most of these people start pushing hard to gain admission into UNIVERSITIES and POLYTECHNICS of their choice.

This is because the admission space in Nigeria is far below the number of candidates seeking admission through JAMB yearly.

If you need a proof, check the screenshot below

Over 1.8million Candidates registered for this year's UTME Examination with the admission space of 850,000 Across the country.

This simply mean at least 950,000 candidates who registered for JAMB this year will not gain admission.

These remaining (over 950,000) candidates  will be given many excuses on why they cannot be admitted Or they will just not hear anything concerning the admission processing again.

Next year, they will proceed to take another JAMB form.

Many people have been doing this for over 4 years.

This is not because they are not brilliant enough, it does not mean other candidates who are being admitted are better, but the truth is...

There is a Way Out!

What if you get an opportunity that can help you to avoid 'JAMB Stress' and opt for easier way to gain admission without having to write JAMB or Post-UTME.

Will you Opt for it?

If your answer to the above question is yes,

Then, I congratulate you because in less than 2 weeks from now,

You will become a bonafy student  of your choosen course.



At Collegeway admission center, we present to you the LASPOTECH "NO JAMB" Admission Programme.

The LASPOTECH "NO JAMB" Admission Programme is another Full-time programme operated by the Management of the Lagos State Polytechnic from Monday to Friday weekly.

This Programme gives an opportunity to High School graduates with O'level result to gain admission to study in the LASPOTECH main campus without wasting time on JAMB or Post UTME.

Most are battling with JAMB, they register JAMB every year because they do not know this kind of opportunity exist.

The Application to this programme is currently ongoing at Collegeway LASPOTECH office.

At Collegeway Admission Center, we Process your admission into this programme within 2 weeks and ensure that you become a bonified student of the institution.

Below are what you are required in order to qualify for this programme with proceedure for registration

What is LASPOTECH "NO JAMB" Admission Programme?

  • This is another Full-time programme operated by the Management of the Lagos State Polytechnic from Monday to Friday weekly.
    At Collegeway admission processing center, we process your admission into this programme within 2 week.

    Although, the you must have at least 5credit in not more than 2 sittings from either WAEC, NECO or NABTEB.

1.   Olevel Result of  6 Credits in Relevant Subjects ( Not more than 2 seatings )

2.   4 Passport Photographs and Birth Certificate

3.   N15,000 Application & Registration Fee

What You Need to Know About this Programme...

  • Just like all other students, Students who enter the Lagos State Polytechnic through the "NO JAMB Admission" programme also receive lectures from Monday to Friday daily at any of the campuses accross Lagos.

    The Students receive thesame National Diploma Certificate like other Students and can do Direct entry into any University of their choice after the ND programme.

    Students who enter LASPOTECH through the "No JAMB" Admission programme in OND can also go for NYSC after their HND programme without stress.

So, How is this Programme Different from Post-JAMB Admission?

  • Apart from the fact that this programme makes your admission processing easier for us,

    Another Major difference between this programme and Post-JAMB admission is the difference in School Fees. Students who enter through this easy process of admission will pay N15,000 to 20,000 higher in their school fee compare to students who enter through JAMB.

    But, this is nothing compare to the jamb stress the programme will save you.

So, How Much is the School Fee?

  • Among all the institution on the list of our admission processing, LASPOTECH is the cheapest. Their tuition fees are very cheap compare to any other polytechnic.

    The School Fees for this programme is between N50,000 to N60,000 ( depending on department of choice).

    The polytechnic also give grace of paying twice
    , this means 60% in the first semester and 40% in the second semester (three months interval).

    The 60% of tuiton fee will be required by the institution after 3 months of admission

What is the Course Duration?

  • Duration for this programme is 2years. 

    This mean that, in 2 years time, you are a graduate of National Diploma (ND) and you can proceed immediately with your HND or Do Direct entry into any Nigerian Universities.

How Much is the Application Fee?

  • The Application and Processing fee for this is Just N15,000.


( Always Call 08084922124 to know if this application is still open )


At Collegeway Admission Center, through our office in Lagos State Polytechnic, we process your admission into the LASPOTECH "NO JAMB" Admission programme and ensure you are admitted within 1 week provided you have 5 Credit in relevant subject which must not be more than 2 seating. 

Isn't this amazing?
Most suffer for admission because they don't know their way. 

Some have spent over 4years writing  JAMB exam with nothing to show for it.
This is the best time to ACT!




How Do I Apply?

For Candidates within Lagos, 

STEP ONE:   Visit Collegeway Laspotech Ikorodu Office
                     ( for Direction, Call/Whatsapp  +23480-8492-2124)

STEP TWO:    You will be given an Admission Template Form to Fill and Submit.

STEP THREE:    Attach the Photocopy of your O'level result and Submit 4 Passport Photograph

STEP FOUR:    Your Application form will be processed and a dublicate of the form will be given to you.

FINAL STEP:    Your Admission processing will begin and once once you are admitted, you will be alerted through SMS in order to Start your Fresh Students Clearance.

How to Apply
For Candidates IN FAR DISTANCE, 

For Candidates who stay far or outside Lagos, If you do not wish to visit our Laspotech Office, we have made the application processing easy for you by providing you with a platform where you can send your details across while we use this details to process your application.

For Candidates Who Stays Close,

 When Coming to CollegeWay Laspotech Office;

Just as indicated above,
Your O'level result is VERY important except you are using awaiting result.
Your PASSPORT photograph is also compulsory.
Your Birth Certificate should also be presented (if available). 
While coming, Always Contact our support line:   +23480-8492-2124  to ensure proper direction to our office.


  • Accountancy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Mass Communication
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Hospitality Management Technology
  •  Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • Chemistry 
  • Agricultural Engineering / Technology

  • Agricultural Technology

  • Architectural Technology

  • Art and Design

  • Building Technology

  • Chemical Engineering Technology

    Banking and Finance

    • Computer Engineering

    • Electrical / Electronic Engineering

    • Estate Mangement And Valuation

    • Fisheries Technology

    • Food Technology

    • Horticulture

    • Insurance

    • Leisure And Tourism management

    • Marketing

    • Mechanical Engineering Technology

    • Mechatronics Engineering Technology

    • Office Technology And Management

    • Quantity Surveying

    • Statistics

    • Urban and Regional Planning


CONTACT +23480-8492-2124

Application Closes in...

( Always Call 08084922124 to know if this application is still open )



The LASPOTECH Weekend Programme allows you to receive lectures on SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS while you do your normal weekly activities from Monday-Fridays. The beauty of the Weekend programme is that, the Lagos State Polytechnic has now shortened the period of the Programme to 2years JUST LIKE FULL-TIME. They also receive lectures at the main campus of the polytechnic...for details on this programme, CONTACT +2348084922124  (Whatsapp, Text & Call).



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